Bruce W. Norris
Bruce W. Norris
Bruce W. Norris


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Washington D. C.




Bruce's paintings are acrylic paints on canvas.

'The Exhibition'

Artwork © Bruce W Norris, all rights reserved.

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'Free Cheese'

'Where's the Beach?'

Bruce's painting 'Incident at an Art Gallery' was used in this article in the 'St. Petersburg Times', announcing the upcoming exhibit opening.

'A Victorian in Georgetown'

'Attack in the Park'


'Holloween People'

Life's a Beach

'Beach Lady'

'Sunset Creatures'


'Pier Pressure'...

Bruce's tribute to St. Petersburg, Florida and their drama on the waterfront!


Is Bruce trying to tell us something?

'Bar Fight'

Drinking with Kerouac

'Drinking with Kerouac'

'St. Petersburg Wierd'

'Technology Run Amok'

'Feast of the Super Models'

'Workout Room'

'Amsterdam at Night'

'Art Bar'

'Blue Collar Bar'

'Wine and Cheese'